Thursday, September 2

More firsts!

Yesterday we took JJ on his first walk in the stroller. Of course we went at the hottest time of day so it was was a short one but we all still had lots of fun.
Turbo was especially pleased.
The little wheels did fine on the gravel path though eventually the big wheeled BOB or something will probably be better. JJ seemed to like it a lot.
Now that all systems are functioning well, JJ has increased his outfit per day quota. That's good because we have a lot of cute ones to get through while he's still small.
Mostly JJ has settled into a routine that centers around eating and sleeping. Throw in riding and he's ready for a blog and can join the enduronut crew.
This morning he was chilling on his monkey blanket with Turbo while Marni fixed some pancakes, it is Thursday after all. I was busy getting ready for an interview. It seemed to go well so crossing my fingers again and hopefully I hear soon. Last night I met the Wednesday night ride crew at Red Rocks and got in some riding on the Fatback. I have to say that it rides technical trails much better than the Pugsley and I cleaned almost everything I normally clean despite the 100mm rims (aka tanks). It will be in the regular riding rotation a lot more now to get my knees totally happy with the 100mm bottom bracket.
Tonight we get to see Leslie and Derrick and tomorrow Grandma Judy arrives from St. Louis!

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