Tuesday, May 16

Back in the saddle

Yesterday I ended up with a pretty busy day and good miles on the bike. I rode hard at lunch over the Boulder Beer course and up the Sims climb in 2:20, a new PR. Then after work I went home quickly to mow the grass and see Marni for a few minutes before heading down to Golden. The temperature was in the 70s and it was nice to ride in shorts and a jersey. The light wind and lack of riding made my legs not feel their best but I was having fun and pushed on towards Lookout anyway. I decided there was just enough time to head up Lookout Mountain and then get back home before 8pm when I told Marni I'd be there. Starting my watch at the Pillars I climbed quickly but not as smoothly as I liked through the bottom. Motivated by each biker playing rabbit in my mind I climbed at a good tempo. Once the road leveled out in the middle I cranked up the speed even more and before I knew it the final switchbacks called me to get out of the saddle. I reached the post in 24:04, technically also a new PR. A fellow biker was waiting at the top and we chatted a bit while I pulled on my arm warmers for the descent. It was nice to have someone to talk to on the way down. The sun was beginning to set behind the foothills now so I ate a gel and picked up the pace down hwy 93 and back home. Right on time, I walked in the door at 7:50 to Marni fixing up some dinner and a clean car. Someone is coming to check out the Civic today since it's posted for sale.

All in all yesterday was 70 miles on the road, 4 hours, 2 unexpected PRs and I even got some chores done at home. My legs are still a bit sore and blocked from all the time off but I'm sure it was good for me. Today will be some recovery and then racing hard at CCTT tomorrow night.

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Cellarrat said...

I love lookout mt. both the road and the trails...

Good luck on the TT!