Monday, May 29

Desert Refreshment

(Really, Gay Johnson's? Is that the best name you can come up with for your gas station?)

This weekend Marni let me head out to Fruita with my friend Scott and a couple of his friends. This isn't going to be a long post because there's only 1 picture and I don't even have it right now. Okay that's never stopped me before but it just doesn't fit the vibe. Those who've been to Moab/Fruita from Denver will recognize the picture.

We camped, I tested new gear (9oz pack, 7oz bivy, blue sleeping pad), I rode my singlespeed on kickass trails (Rustler's, Mary's, Horsetheif, Moore Fun, Eagle's Tail, Eagle's Wing, bits of Tab) and rocked my climbing and technical socks. It was very relaxing overall and just what I needed to close my rearranged rest week and get ready for summer.

3 weeks until Winter Park and my volume will be coming down and my intensity going way up. If you're on a hard ride with me soon prepare to suffer.


Marni said...

hahaha, I "let" you go. That's cute and funny :) Glad you had a good time! You're finally starting to realize what we've all known for a long time -- you are a great biker and we are already afraid of you!

Todd Plesko said...

Chris... I found some new mountain bike trails. Great fun. Unfortunately I dumped by bike and broke my wrist. Doesn't do much for my confidence. Tried to jump over a large log..fourth in a row. Unfortunately rear tire doesn't give much like the front.


Cellarrat said...

Todd, Bummer about the wrist. Chris I am not sure I'll be able to hand with you at all now =)

Sure well be fun to try!

Chris said...

Poor Dad. Sorry about the wrist. Let me know what the ortho says today too. Now you know that speed helps you clear technical stuff but sometimes there is too much speed! :)