Tuesday, May 2


In the aftermath of last week's two hundred and eighty something miles, I'm tired. Actually I was tired yesterday. Today I'm recovering. Yesterday I didn't touch my bike other than my commute. Today I rode easily at lunch and probably easy tonight if it doesn't rain. I don't know if I'll be ready to race tomorrow night or not but we'll find out. I felt infinitely better this morning after going to bed early last night.

Inventory goes like this: Legs lack a little snap, my right big toe isn't totally unnumb yet, my forearms are sore and my right hip muscle on the inside is still a little weak. Other than that I feel pretty good. Assuming the recovery is complete tomorrow, I will race Wed, Saturday and Sunday and begin another rest week Monday morning including 4 days off the bike while we're in California. I haven't taken 4 days off the bike in a long time. I'm going to enjoy it though because the week after we get back from California is scheduled to be a 400 mile monster.

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