Thursday, May 18

CCTT#6 Report

Well last night's race was hard but I gave it everything I had considering the circumstances. Time was 25:11.8 which is just a spot over 25mph average. Everyone else did well and it was only good for 20th place but I'm still holding onto 7th overall at the moment.

Excuses...I mean reasons...for being slower? I'm not going to give any. It was a good race and only 30 seconds off my best time despite a headwind that kicked my ass in the final 3 miles.

I'm both sad and excited that next week is the last race of the series. Seven races seems like a lot now and it's a big commitment showing up every week and vying for an overall series placing. But more than that the races have been awesome workouts which show I'm strong and consistant. More importantly I've got to hang out with Marni and Turbo every Wednesday, see all my friends every week and even make some new friends with my fellow racers.

Just one month from today begins the Winter Park series, one of my real focuses for the year and my first race as an Expert. There are lots of loose ends to tie up (put the Fuel back together) but I've put in the training and I'm really pumped to start racing on dirt.


Cellarrat said...

I am still amazed at the speeds for tting....

Looking forward to our ride friday!

Todd Plesko said...


How did the puncture on the previous race affect your overall ranking?

Can you determine what you would have to do to move up a place or two in overall ranking based upon the next race. Is it better to focus on consistency or is there any benefit it trying for some major improvement if possible?