Monday, May 15

Back in Town

Marni and I are back from the wedding in San Francisco. It was a blast and the wedding went great. Congrats to Jim and Jenn Berry, you both looked very happy. Marni's parents, Marni and I also got to see the Golden Gate Bridge and Muir Woods. That was a lot of fun playing tourist in Marni's dad's new Mustang GT.

After getting back yesterday we went mountain biking with my friend Scott and Marni kicked butt at Mt.Falcon. I'm really proud of her improving downhilling and technical riding. Her climbing as always was great despite not riding a ton the last couple weeks. I somehow also washed the orange bike, the singlespeed, the time trial bike and Marni's mountain bike including cleaning all the drivetrains, replacing a couple tires and swapping some cassettes. The single speed is now running a real spacer kit so we'll see how it works compared to the PVC.

Pictures and a more complete report to come after I catch up on everything at work and home. This is a big riding week for me too so bare with me. Congrats to all the KTR finishers!!!

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