Wednesday, May 24

Last race of the series

Tonight is the last race of the Cherry Creek time trial series. It's been 6 races so far with only 1 DNF due to a flat tire. I'm currently tied for 7th place and hoping to hold onto my series goal of top 10 overall in the catagory 4's. Not bad for an endurance mountain biker doing little speed work other than the previous week's TT. Tonight is a warm night here in sunny Colorado and I'm fresh since I've been resisting the urge to kick my own ass on the bike the last 2 days. At least I'll have the weekend to do that in Fruita. That's right, Scott and I are headed out to camp and ride during this long weekend before he starts his new job on Tuesday.
In other news I ordered a new light race wheelset for the Fuel with some deposit money I got refunded for a car project. They'll be Stan's Olympic rims, WTB lazerdisc lite hubs and Sapim CX-Ray spokes. Larry over at Mountain High Cyclery is doing the build and I'm excited to see how light they turn out when they're finished in the next couple weeks. Combined with the other light parts on the Fuel, it will finally at least be close to the weight of the heavy hardtail I rode last year.

Also here are some pictures from Marni and I's trip to California for the wedding. They're long overdue but hopefully you'll enjoy anyway :D They are of Muir Wood and also the Golden Gate Bridge.

Race report to come later!

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