Friday, May 19

Gone to the hills

No posts until late tomorrow or Sunday. I'm leaving now on the orange bike for Salida, about 150 miles away. I've got 3 gels, 6 Ensure Pluses (half frozen), 2 Starbucks DoubleShots, 2 water bottles, a credit card, cell phone, tools, a jacket and warmers.

When I get there I will crash in a hotel room and wait for Marni and Scott to drive up after work. Then on Saturday we will all be riding various routes in Buena Vista, Marni doing her first 40 miler and Scott and I doing the century. We'll be back Saturday night and if all goes well I'll have completed my first 400 mile week. See you in 250 miles!

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Cellarrat said...

So very sorry I couldn't riude with you this morning... Too much going on. Have fun on your first 400 miles week...
Your legs well ethier love you or rebel on you =)