Friday, May 5


Thursday was the first day in 45 days that I haven't ridden a bike. Although not really a planned day off it just sort of worked out that way and I'm sure it was needed. Instead I took care of some important things at work on a big project and then I helped my friend Scott with his car. He dropped a valve so we brought his Talon over here and started pulling the old engine so we could drop a new one in. It was fun to work on a car again since it's been awhile for me.

Friday I got in a nice lunch ride with my new friend Bill (from the huge ride last Sunday) and the CEO of his company. We cruised around the dogpark for an hour or so at lunch. That was all the riding for Friday since the skies decided we needed more rain in the afternoon. This next week is going to be relaxed for me. Other than Cherry Creek I've got no real riding planned starting Monday for a whole week. Marni and I will be in California for my brother in law's wedding and I think we're going to have a lot of fun. Some time off will be great because I've got a lot of really exciting rides and races planned in the next 3 months and my body could use a little time to recover from the beating I've been giving it lately. Now I've got to go get ready for one more race before my rest week.

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Adam Lisonbee said...

45 I take 1-2 days off each week. Although by my standards, the last month and a half have been pretty intense.

Enjoy your rest week. :D