Tuesday, May 9

Rest week tinkering

First of all it snowed this morning. WTF? Okay now that I said that, sorry about the lack of posts. No real big training news as it's a rest week and this time I'm really resting. It's pretty hard to take it this easy but I know with the huge weeks I have planned I need to let my body catch up. Plus we leave for vacation and a wedding tomorrow so we've been cleaning, packing and doing all the normal stuff needed to be able to leave town for a couple days.

Speaking of catching up I've been attending to a few other projects during the time I usually spend riding. One big one is getting the Fuel ready for race season. I'm officially signed up for the Expert 19-24 catagory at the Winter Park series and a 32 lbs bike just isn't going to cut it. I've been stock piling clearance bike parts all winter and now I've started installing them. I'll do a bigger write up on the weight reduction later but for now here's a teaser. Good riddance Splice, hello Reba!

I've also been working on another housing design for my LED light project so that I can have a small and light triple housing. I think I'm finally close to something I'm happy with. In contrast to Dave's quick pace I've been taking my time with my prototypes. (Mostly because the money for LED lights is the lowest priority). While I wait for ummmm, adaquete funding, I continue to design the perfect combinations and housings. My latest triple could be called the Cateye DoubleShot Killer.

At least 85% of the light of a Cateye DoubleShot and 2.9 *times* the runtime. I suspect head to head they are equally as bright.

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DaveH said...

Reba's rock on the Fuel...super sweet combo.

I'm not convinced your light is 85% as bright as the doubleshot - it's missing, uh, lights! Seriously though, what is the doubleshot setup? 2x5W? 2x3W? I totally dig my 2x3W setup...I'll prolly add 2x3W to the 5W light, run them all at 700mA and put it on the bars. Wish I had it ready for KTR but outta time...