Thursday, May 11

CCTT#5 Report

This has to be short as it's 4:25am and we're about to leave for the airport. Going to a fun wedding in California for a few days.

Last night I was super motivated. Long warm up, serious about the hard sessions. Great start, heavy head and crosswind on the way out.

PUNCTURED 7 minutes and change into the race. Son. Of. A. Biotch.

Didn't have my CO2 inflater as it was still with the mountain stuff so I hitchhiked a ride with an SUV in the park back to the start. I was *rocking* the course too. Damn. Over 26mph average and 31.4mph max where I stopped even with the wind and everyone said there was some tailwind sections on the way back.

Oh well there's always next week. 3 more days of rest and then time to train like an animal :)

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