Thursday, May 25

CCTT#7 Report

Hmmm where do I begin. Last night it was sunny and warm. It was also windy as hell. Dave showed up on his CrossCheck to watch the race and hang out which was a blast. I warmed up, somewhat halfheartedly. The race went off and I struggled into the headwind. When I looked for another gear, it was apparently still on vacation. I did my best the rest of the race but it was a struggle and I was way off my normal times. So is the way life goes. I guess I'm recovered from last week for the most part but not for racing quite yet. Tale of the tape was 26:30 and 33rd place I think. Something just under a 24mph average.
The good news is that Marni took these cool pictures and I was 16 points ahead of 8th place going into the race. As long as no one made a miraculous leap I should stay in the top 10 overall when the final results come out and therefore meet my series goal. Not bad for a long distance mountain biker eh?

In even better news than the racing, Marni, Dave, Erik, Michelle, one of Michelle's friends who's name I'm really sorry I forgot and later on Scott, all went to the Bourbon Street Grill after the race. We ate and talked and had a generally wonderful time. Hopefully another event will get us all together so we can hang out and have some more fun. And eat. Definitely a fan of the eating. Alright that's about it for the CCTT series wrapup. It's been a wonderful 7 races but longer and more of a commitment than I was expecting. I'll probably be back next year though and if I do, perhaps a Cervelo and some trick aero parts along with actual time trial training will allow me to crack the podium. And if not, we'll just find a road tandom and embarass ourselves every week.
Make no mistake though. I will be rested and ready for the start of the Winter Park series in one month. Expert 19-24 riders, this is what's coming at ya!


Cellarrat said...

You need to get a Blacksheep... Custom aero ti =)

If you want a stoker next year I'd be game for that =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing your blog and posting the photos. It helps me to keep up with all the wonderful adventures that you and Marni have. I miss you guys and wish I could mountain bike with you both. Have a good holiday and talk to you soon.