Thursday, January 25


Sometimes things work against you like pesky rangers and 6 inches of fresh snow (again!). Sometimes it's just going to work at 6am when you want to write a post about your fun weekend and finish uploading all your pictures. In your training sometimes those things make you take it easy instead of doing your planned workout and that's ok. In other instances that planned workout is pretty important and it takes some adaptation to make it happen. To make that distinction you have to learn how your own body works. Last Sunday was one of those days I just wasn't going to be denied. Next time I do that I'm going to make sure that I have enough Netflix movies to cover the entire indoor torture session though!


Dave Byers said...

Just thinking about spending 5:34:00 on a trainer makes my butt hurt. Good job for sticking to your training plan.

Joel White said...

Holy smokes... 2.5 hours is about my limit that my rear can take on the trainer. I don't know why the trainer hurts so bad when I can ride on road/trails for days without any pain.

Dave Harris said...

How fitting, even your watch labels you as "chronic".

Cellarrat said...


Dude you need help


Becky said...

I'm I OCD for thinking that even though I'd have been on a bike for 5+ hours, I still would have ridden to 5:35, instead of stopping at 5:34? I mean, in all honesty, it's just one minute, but in some strange way it would give me such a large feeling of accomplishment...yeah, I think that it is OCD.
PS----when I originally read this post, I thought that you were merely posting at 5:34 in the morning! I could not possibly fathom being on a bike for that long! Way to go CHRIS