Saturday, January 27

Moab Pictures!

Dave reminded me that I needed to post our Moab trip pictures! There were a lot of them so I've been procrastinating the commenting process. But without further ado, here they are.

We rolled in around 10pm that night and pitched the Element tent. Dave getting ready for bed.You can see the uber sleeping bag peaking out on the right. The lazy way we set up the Element doesn't give the most room possible but it's quick and good enough for a short night's sleep. All we needed anyway.
Me in my Patagucci jacket and hat my mom knitted me. That jacket was on sale for 50% off this past fall, best money I ever spent on winter gear.
Burr. Early morning preparations. There was quite a bit of snow around. Maybe 4" in the unpacked spots?
Dave and Dave ready to rock. The Xterra and the Element make good adventure vehicles.
Monocog ready to ride. Skinny rear tire held up okay to the snow since it wasn't too deep.
Dave C cruising in the predawn, rocking the KM 29er with a fat 2.5" front tire.
The bit of pavement that makes up the loop...
The La Sal's lay in waiting behind the dark skies.
Sun begins to shine as we duck the closed sign and head down Shafer.
Dave and Dave again.
I was first down most of the snowy sections so I stopped to take some pictures. The road was plenty rideable though.
Fixie slide!
After Mr. Ranger snuck ahead of us then made us turn around and hike back up because "Shafer is too dangerous and closed. I think it's even dangerous in the summer." Why do you work here again? I guess you think ruining my ride is funny enough to take a picture of? Right back at ya.
Can't really stop us from going the other way though can ya? Top of Mineral Bottom switchbacks.
Blue skies and warming up nicely.
Snowpacked down below but still rideable.
Bikes wait patiently while their riders refuel and take a bio break.
Back near the cars. This is what I think of winter restrictions. Kinda clashes with the jersey, eh? Winter is a beautiful if harsh season. If you're prepared to deal with it though you are rewarded with sights impossible to experience any other time.
Three vehicles. 3 single speeds. 3 Daves.
After some pizza and warming up from the morning's adventure we hit up Soverign. Gorgeous backdrop to some really fun and moderately technical riding.
I think Dave and Dave enjoyed smoothly rolling the sand while I tried to keep Mr. Skinny rear tire afloat.
Does it get any better?
Worth riding.
Monocog was happy and so was I.
Although it didn't turn out quite the way I intended, we all had a great time. Riding Soverign I remembered how much fun it was to ride singletrack considering it's all been snow covered for almost 6 weeks straight here in Denver. This was my first trip to Moab on a rigid singlespeed and I can't say I didn't enjoy it. Even running XC race type tires and high pressures I still found everything rideable. We headed back Saturday night and I'm glad we did as bad weather rolled though Sunday and closed much of I-70 back to Denver. Good we were safely home since I had a flight for a business trip late Monday morning. The trip was too short though. I need another fix soon and if the weather holds out it looks like I'll get it as part of my last bit of prep for 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo.

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Cellarrat said...

Awesome! can't wait for may and the ktr....

I'll have to barrow that trail guide from you.... Maybe we can do a light spin to lunch somewhere later this week unless that well mess up your rest week ;)