Sunday, January 21

We're back

Everything didn't quite go as intended but more on that later. We made the best of it though and did get some riding in at WR and on Soverign. Last night I drove home to see Marni before a business trip tomorrow. Today is the final day of my current training block. Sometimes I'd just let it go and start my rest early but today I really need one more piece of the puzzle and it's going to get done.

Pictures and the full scoop later. My bike is calling.


Cellarrat said...

Thanks for the interesting trip!

Looks like i'm never gonna get a good ride in on the paddy wagon

Judy said...

sorry things didn't work out as planned

Scott DL said...

You know, I started putting my bike back together on Sunday and I started wondering, "I wonder where Chris is about now"...

Becky said...

I'm glad that you're okay. I'm sorry that things didn't work out for you as planned, but as Marni said...that's what makes this whole thing epic. You are so special/gifted and blessed. You must be incredibly disappointed right now, but the good thing is that you still have the ability to go back and conquer. Looking forward to the story.