Saturday, January 6

Where did I put those clothes?

My accuweather said it was around 12 degrees for the area but my local weather station says it's a whisker above zero. Dad, I'm wearing a lot of clothes and taking the Pugs out with Dave. I guess we'll find out how interested I am in doing Arrowhead or going to Alaska in a few hours eh? I will say that riding in less than one degree F temperatures with gusty winds predicted to pick up is a little intimidating. Dave should be here in a few minutes. Hope he's got warm stuff!


Simmons said...

Let's have the ride report if you guys made it back alright :)

Simmons said...

You guys didn't get caught in that avalanche did you?

Chris said...

We made it back safe and sound a couple hours after dark. Nice long day and now I'm tired. Pictures in the morning.