Sunday, January 28


It's a recovery week and so far I've been lucky enough to get some great sunshine and warmer temperatures (mid 40s) amid more snowfall for week number 6 in a row.
Nevertheless the grass is escaping the snow's grip more and more everyday.
The legs spin easily, trying to rebuild from 3 weeks of torture. It's much easier to train hard in the bad weather and go on recovery rides in the beautiful sunshine. Mostly because you have to ride hard just to stay warm when it's 5 deg F and snowing. I've got one last trick up my sleeve aside from normal training for Old Pueblo. It's hard to be heat acclimated living in Colorado in January but I might just pull it off.

In other news the local road racing calendar is beginning to take shape. Looks like I'll be back at the time trial series and picking off some early season road races. If the right omnium with a time trial falls into place I will be very excited otherwise road racing will be pretty much for fun and high intensity work again this year. Marni says a bike shake up may be allowed this year but we'll wait 2-3 more weeks and see what happens. Well I'm off to start our taxes, woohoo!

Late Edit: Sweet!!! We get a freeking tax refund this year! Last year we owed a lot and it sucked. This year we got the benefit of our house for the first time and ended up getting a nice refund. Marni is very happy to have the baby fund restocked :)


Cellarrat said...


Joel White said...

Married people can get tax refunds?! I'm a little scared to do a first pass on our taxes as we seem to always owe. Gotta get my new bike done before I see how much!

Dicky said...

What's with the digits on the bar??

Chris said...


It's RPMs on top and speed in MPH on the bottom. Before I got a free GPS (thanks Mr.Nice) or a computer on the singleshizzle I wanted to know how fast I was going. So I counted RPMs with my watch and looked it up on the chart for the speed. Simple but effective and then I didn't need a computer to know my speed. Plus I learned what RPM range and corresponding speed I was comfortable at.