Friday, January 26


It got pretty warm in Denver while I was gone and yesterday. There are bits of grass poking out everywhere, something I haven't seen for weeks now.
The cracks in the road have grown though. I took the road bike out for the first time in weeks and was amazed at the road damage from the last few storms. Between bitter cold and all the plowing, there are huge potholes everywhere, even a couple on a road that's never potholed. Still it was fun to be back on skinny tires, I always forget how fast and easy they roll compared to my mountain bikes.
Standley lake is frozen over still despite the warm temperatures. That's one big ice cube!
Our friend Mr.Sun stays out an extra minute each day now that makes me happy. Looking forward to finishing off a nice week of recovery with a relaxing weekend.

Thanks for the iPod shuffle Sister! I finally put some music on it and got to use it.

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Dave Byers said...

Dry pavement in January...what a concept. My road bike is probably relagated to the trainer until at least March.