Thursday, January 18


Dave, Dave, Dave? and I are all planning on riding Moab's White Rim road on Saturday. Plans were originally for last Saturday but the weather made me balk and wait for another weekend. Bags are packed, cooler is full of water and sustenance, bike is clean and ready and Marni is letting me run away to the desert with the Toaster. I'm extremely excited for the trip as the 24 Hours of Moab last year was bittersweet and this trip will just let me enjoy a great ride in beautiful surroundings.

A few goodies showed up today as well. First is my new GoLite Ion pack. I think I've finally found my pack for multiday racing next year. It's just like the REI Flash but it's more durable, bigger, has wider and more padded shoulder straps, a water resistant closure and somehow manages to weigh the same. Can you survive for a week with just what you can fit this pack? I think I can...
Also got a couple new tires today, a free Durace 12-27 cassette for the Fuel with my Team Performance points, two bike mounts for the GPS and a couple more SLR saddles for the stable. Still need the big order to arrive before I can put the Fuel back together the rest of the way though.

Also Sister has a new blog so go harass her and leave comments :)


Dave said...

A clean bike?

Se ya late tomorrow, just got back from Safeway with all the essential calories.

Cellarrat said...

See you this afternoon!