Wednesday, January 17

Hard miles

Today's miles were hard miles. There were more than some days and less than others. In a week they'll just be another number in a spreadsheet. January 17, 2007 won't be remembered specifically for it's particular rides. Yet they were important miles. I fought headwinds all day, rarely getting to enjoy a tailwind. I rode my freshly cleaned bike through ice, snow and slush, making it dirty in just one ride like Marni said I would. I got cheered at through open windows and honked at for taking up dry space on roadways being covered again by blowing snow. They were the type of miles I will lean on in tough times to come. When I get rained on for hours, I'll know I've been through worse and came out better because of it. When I'm cold and hungry, I know my body can survive and keep going. When I want to soft pedal, I'll know I can put out the watts that will win the race or just bring me back home. Today's miles alone are nothing special but they contribute greatly to the giant reserve of strength I have inside me to do incredible things.Tonight I went to see ACA's "Night of Cycling Greats" up in Boulder with Marni, Bill, Erik, Scott, Melissa, Doug and Patty. It supported the new junior race series and I think we all had a good time. Personally I loved listening to the pros talk about how hard it was, to the point that they were almost speechless to describe it. Hard enough to make most of them not return again to racing even now. I loved listening to Ned talk about why he loves the sport so much and why he still (kicks ass in) races. And I loved watching TommyD's super duper enhanced Discovery highlight video. It made me all amped to ride and train and climb mountains and be ready to race this year, even on the road and back at the time trials.

In the end the miles are hard for all of us, pros and amateurs alike. We each have our own goals to reach within our own confines of available time, genetic ability and determination. We long for everyday to be a "no chain day" and to feel that great form all the time but it cannot be. These hard days exist to fill up the well so that we may draw from it when it matters most, both on the bike and in life.

There will be more miles tomorrow, perhaps I should hope they're hard.


Doug said...

Well said, excellent post Chris!

Marni said...

Great blog Chris. You are way tougher than me.

Dave Byers said...

Rock on brotha'!

Cellarrat said...

Too Cool!

Judy said...

Good to have that reserve Chris. You never know when you'll need it. I am proud of you!