Tuesday, January 30


I'm not very creative with the title today. Hmmm. Well another day then. The weather was dreary outside but I had a good ride anyway. Not too many times I can say I've had a bad ride lately though.
Does my balaclava make me look fat? Haha. Yes back to cold enough weather to make the melting stop and the warmer clothes come back out. It's supposed to snow more this week, 3-6 inches in our area. Wow I think Mother Nature is making me eat my words about how wonderful and warm Denver is most winter days.After work I met up with Brady and Jim from my new team, Feedback Sports. We did an hour trainer/rollers session together tonight which was a lot of fun. It really made the hour fly by and I'm looking forward to riding with them more. We're going to schedule one team session a week and see if we can get more participation. I also picked up a team kit to wear at some of the early season races or for pictures if needed since the new stuff probably won't arrive until April or May. Jim gave me the CTS time trial DVD which will be fun to try out here shortly when I unearth the time trial bike and get it ready for Cherry Creek. I guess applications get posted Thursday morning at 6am and we should have our little block all submitted by Thursday night. It's a big group this year!

That's all the stuff that's newsworthy and some that's not. Last day of January tomorrow. This is my biggest month ever and we'll see just where I end up by tomorrow night!


Cellarrat said...


Scott DL said...

I think the correct question is, "does this balaclava make my cheeks look fat?" :)

Becky said...

is that a matching kit? Like one that matches prettily? Ohhhhh, my OCD is so satisfied to hear it. Also, what's a time-trial training DVD? Sounds interesting...very interesting