Wednesday, March 15

Back in action

Yesterday I felt flat on my ride and slightly better on my spin last night. Today I'm rocking away again. My lunch ride was solo unfortunately but I rode the "big box loop". It's a pretty hill 18 mile loop with a lot of it into the NNW wind we've had all winter. Even with a pretty stiff wind today I banged it out in under an hour including stops for traffic and lights. Since I've been back at work I've been refueling and doing some great reading.

Dave Harris has a fantastic blog going. I've been keeping up with his introduction to 24 hour racing series since I want to race the 18 Hours of Fruita on May 5-6th. If anyone wants to donate their lights or some cash to the $225 entry fee I'd be greatful. The series is really great for those who want to step up from XC and 100 mile racing to the 24 hour stuff. You should definitely read it if you're curious what's involved in riding your bike for 24 hours straight.

Dave also linked a great article from the New York Times on Jure Robic. He's one of the best ultra endurance athlete's ever including the current 2 year defending champion of RAAM. The article is amazing on what he can endure and how scientists are studying what limits the human body physically and mentally.

After work I'm going to put in some more miles and then go ice skating with Marni, Scott, Erik, Michelle and whoever else shows up. I'm rapidly closing in on 3000 miles of riding since mid-September and am averaging over 140 miles a week in 2006 including rest weeks. Kick ass! I'm hoping the weather continues to warm up so I can do a hill climb time trial up Belcher hill at the end of next weekend to see just where my fitness stands.

To anyone out there who is reading this, drop me a line in the comments section and say "Hi". Sometimes I feel like I'm writing this for myself which is fine but it would be even better if I'm helping anyone out.


Marni said...

Hey there. I read your blog. :) You are crazy -- your loop is difficult enough to start with, not to mention that the wind was blowing so hard we could hear the air ducts and stuff blowing around in the ceiling at school. I admire you.

Todd Plesko said...

Very odd. This ultra endurance stuff is scary. When I read the New York Times article about the crazy ultra cycling endurance guy who did over 500 miles in 24 hours, I am becoming concerned about your mental health.

I love cycling but there is such a thing about too much of a good thing.

You know who.

Chris said...

Yes the guy in the NYT was pretty crazy! I would not want to do that. Sleep depravation to that extreme is pretty tough and probably not too good for you.

Marni said...

Hey, slacker, where's the new blog for today that includes information about your new career as an ice dancer?