Wednesday, March 8

Snow is falling

March is supposed to be one of the snowiest months here in the front range. At least that's what all my coworkers keep saying today. Flakes started falling this morning just as I let Turbo into the yard, thereby creating a muddy floor upon his smiling reentry into the house. I, of course, was in a hurry to leave putting on my commuting clothes and wiping up the floor with a towel under my shoes. My short ride into work this morning was the last time I saw the Fuel since 7:30am but I assume it's safely still outside in it's hiding spot probably wet but otherwise unscathed due to weather that's just slightly too warm for the snow to stick. Normally I'd be ready to leave soon and get in some more riding time but I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen today. We've been busy at work with a customer in the building and I'm guessing I'll be lucky just to beat Marni home from Spanish class. The thought of not riding makes me a bit depressed but I have to remember that I get to ride almost everyday and there are always my trusty rollers waiting in the living room. Working where I do affords me almost the luxury of no car commute, good salary and pretty low stress level. Seeing as how I trade my salary for a nice place to live, a good car for my wife (and trips!) and plenty of bike and car toys I'd have to conclude it's a pretty good deal.

Plus it could be worse. I could have to drive home instead of pedal.

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