Friday, March 3

Delicious dessert and my goal weight

145lbs? Good luck. I'm about 10-12 lbs heavier than that right now. I've been eating healthy food (good chicken, pasta, salads and fruit) and drinking tons of water to stay hydrated. However since I'm riding so much I just cannot say no to anything. Yesterday I had 3 pieces of cake at work because it was birthday day and then I had another half a piece of cake at home with Marni. Don't worry. I followed that up with a few girl scout cookies (Samoas) too and then today after lunch I ate 2 big chocolate chocolate chip cookies from Panera. Man they were tasty. I know I should still cut back on my desserts but I'm finding it impossible. If anything I'll just keep maintaining my weight for now and forgo the desserts closer to Leadville. That is, if I can...

On a positive note my training has been going great this week. I should rack up well over 200 miles despite going to dinner and ice skating with a bunch of my friends on Wed and lunch with Marni today. I'm going to put in a good 2.5 to 3 hour session on the singlespeed after work today to make sure I'm tired for the ride tomorrow. That way I can get a pretty good "climbing when tired" workout in on Flagstaff and at Walker Ranch. Climbing was by far what I had the most trouble with at Leadville last year. I just couldn't climb fast enough, especially when I got tired halfway into the race. I'm really targeting a hard Friday/Saturday combination right now to work on that aspect of the race.

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