Monday, March 6

More miles monday and the verdict

It seems every Monday I end up on the bike a lot although for good reason. For one I don't like to start the week behind the 8-ball on my training. Also I'm usually coming off a recovery day or day off on Sunday so I'm feeling pretty good. I'm sure the fact that Marni doesn't get home until 6:30 plays a role as well since I'm not taking up our limited evening time together with hours and hours of riding.

Today I got in a nice lunchtime ride with my coworker in the mid 60 degree temperatures and ended up following that with 2:30 hours on the trainer. Of course there's also my short commute so all and all I put in about 59 miles on the road bike today.

I also tried the Ensure before my evening ride and so far so good. It went down easy and didn't upset my stomach during my ride. I'll keep experimenting with it more but I think it will make a nice addition to my endurance nutrition plan. That's all for now. I need some sleep to recover for tomorrow.

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