Sunday, March 26

Super windy Sunday!

My friend Scott emailed late last night about riding at Green Mountain today so I told him I'd join him. However when I woke up this morning the winds were a sustained 40mph and gusting to 70mph. The winds were so bad that every construction sign on my drive to get donuts were blown over. There was even a *trampoline* in the middle of Wadsworth. Needless to say after a couple of phone calls Scott and I decided to postpone our ride until another day.

The terrible winds meant I wasn't all that eager to ride the time trial bike either. Aerobars and 90mm rims aren't exactly the world's most stable thing in the wind. Instead I cleaned the house and prepared for the week while Marni got ready for work at Sylvan. She wasn't feeling good but went anyway, what a hard worker. After she left the winds were somewhat better. I decide to take Turbo to the dogpark for some doggy playtime and a ride on the singlespeed.

Turbo was very happy to ride in the car!
We arrive at the dogpark aka Colorado Hills trailhead. This trail is great! It's a combination of singletrack and double track and there are several different loops to do. None of them are very long or technical so no one drives here for the ride. What that means is that those of us who live near Standley Lake essentially have our own private mountain bike trail. It's less than 3 miles from my front door! Normally I don't drive but I'd rather wear Turbo out on the trail instead of just getting there.
Turbo is ready to go! He hates when I have to put all my gear on but later he's happy to drink from my Camelback.
Doggy friends to play with:
Turbo leading the way up the hill:
Quick descent down to Mower Reservior:
Now the puppy is getting tired:
Time to head back home. Turbo is tired and happy. He was even happier later when I gave him a little steak with his dinner.
When I got home from the ride I finished cleaning the house and then did a little more bike work while Turbo slept by the front door. I swapped out the 120mm stem on the Monocog for a 105mm and dropped the stem down another 20mm. Hopefully this will get the position to match the Fuel's a bit better. I also tilted the SLR saddle nose down a bit further and it's much more comfortable. I don't know what I was thinking before.

My rest week is now over and I'm ready to go this week. Hill repeats tomorrow, singlespeeding on Tuesday and time trial intervals on Wednesday. It's hard to believe I've ridden 3200 miles since September but when I think about how good I feel in the saddle maybe not. Koppenburg circuit race is next weekend if I'm feeling good, otherwise racing starts in ernest April 12th with time trial number one.

In extremely sad news, William Corliss lost his life in a tragic bicycle accident this weekend in Salt Lake City. Godspeed William and my thoughts are with your family and friends at this terrible time.


MrsPivvay said...

My dog and husband are the cutest! You're the best!

Joel White said...

I enjoy reading your blog, good luck with the training. Turbo is a cute dog, wish there were more places around the Front Range you could ride with pooches.

Chris said...

Thanks Joel. Turbo likes to come along but he gets tired after an hour or so. I'm going to get a burley or something to pull him along I think. More training weight for me and then he can come along on a few more rides.

Greg Corliss said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding our brother Bill Corliss
We miss him immeasurably. our lives and the cycling world will never be the same. thank you again
Greg Corliss