Thursday, March 30

Hit a root block

No post from yesterday, I was busy attending to the drain "situation". I ate more pieces of pizza than miles I rode on my bike, meaning time trial intervals definitely did not happen. The plumber from the warrenty company determined our main line was clogged, probably with roots. Quite a coincidence since our neighbor had a backhoe in their front yard replacing the main sewer line for the same reason. That plumber however wasn't exactly reasonable in their work estimates so I gave him the $45 fee for coming out and sent him packing. Of course this was after wasting 2.5 hours in the middle of the work day so I ended up going in early *and* staying late. Wonderful.

Last night Marni and I investigated our options and Marni's mom and dad came up to help. Jim (Marni's dad) and I had fun crusing the hardware stores in his new Mustang GT and talking about his upcoming retirement from 36 years of service to Pepsi this Friday. Despite not finding what we were looking for we still had a good time. Later that night we decided to call Roto-Rooter since that is who has been helping my neighbor and they've been pleased, at least as pleased as you can be replacing major sewer lines. They are coming out tomorrow afternoon to clean the line and cut out the roots if we're lucky. In that case I'll be out a few hundred dollars for this ordeal and can begin planning and saving for the inevitable. If I'm unlucky and the inevitable is already here, a $5000 main sewer line replacement, then we'll fix it as well as replace our 30 year old furnace and crappy 8 year old water heater with a fancy home loan from our bank. As much as I don't want a payment to replace the one I just eliminated, at least this one will make our house a much nicer place to live and save us a lot of money in utility costs.

My wife says I'm now past denial and anger and am in the acceptance phase of how I deal with these type of things. I'm sure she's right. I'm still pretty stressed about it but it's getting better now that I'm armed with information and not pressed into a making a decision by "crappy plumber #1". Shortly I'm going to head out on a single speed ride to work off some stress and keep me thinking clearly. I'm hoping to fit my intervals in tonight or at least put a few miles on the time trial bike. If my training gets derailed this week though I'll deal. I'll be much happier when this whole problem is resolved and can get back into my schedule then. For now I'm happy just to get on my bike and pedal away my frustrations for an hour.

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Adam Lisonbee said...

I was mad about replacing a $100 furnace ignitor this morning. I'd be fuming in your shoes. Good Luck with all that.