Thursday, March 23

Here comes the speed, doo doo doo doo...

Playing off Dicky's blog this morning. Sorry man you set the mood.

Marni made chocolate chip muffins last night so I was relieved of breakfast duty this morning. Score! Dessert for breakfast is my favorite. This left me some time to work on the time trial machine before work. Cherry Creek time trials starts in just 3 weeks and so far my bike still looks like this:

Actually it looks worse because this morning I pulled the fork off to get the damn expander bolt unstuck from the bottom of the steerer tube. For once I was successful, so later today I'll get a new stem bolt and start reassembling it. I even got some fancy yellow bar tape for $4 to go with my fancy matching saddle. I'm still short at least one tire for the race wheels but I'll be using my training wheels when riding it around in the meantime anyway. It's been a while since I've used my HED wheels in anger and I'm really looking forward too it.

I'm also excited to start doing some speed and hill work. This rest week has been supremely relaxing and I'm itching to get on the bike again bad. I don't think I've ridden to work as fast as I did this morning in a while. It was slightly foggy and I just felt like stomping on the pedals. The weather is supposed to start clearing up today so I'm going to do a quick spin at lunch and start planning the next 3 weeks. I also need to make up my mind about doing a race at the end of April that is insane thanks to a certain blog friend. You know who you are.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris- Thanks for keeping up your blog. I love reading about your adventures and you are an inspiration to our family. Ride on!

Marni said...

I also wanted to say thanks to the "blog" person that is making you want to do Iowa. You should get us in touch with each other so I can thank him in person.

Yay for rest week! Wifeys like rest weeks :)

Cellarrat said...

Rest week, Lucky =)

Hope I didn't get you in bad with the boss.

Chris said...

Rest weeks are good. I still train a lot like a racer, I guess because I still race. Plus it gives me a chance to spend some extra time with the boss :) By the time a week of light riding is done with I'm so amped to ride hard again.