Tuesday, March 14

Some R&R all around

After Saturday I was pretty tired from the week. Mostly I laid around and relaxed on Sunday after Colleen and the kids left. Trevor and I did have a great time while the girls were at the shower. We colored, played video games and played with Turbo. He's getting so big now that he's 5 and communicates really well. When Marni got home from work we did a nice easy 30 minute roller spin and my legs felt better. I was still having some lingering soreness in my right knee despite my vitamin I intake.

Yesterday I had to drive to work for once because I had an afternoon meeting in Boulder requiring me to bring 100lbs of supplies. It ended up being a long day so I didn't feel much like riding the trainer when I got home and chalked it up to another needed rest day. Usually I don't like to ride too hard on Saturday and Sunday since Monday's are pretty big days on the schedule. But since it's the last build week in the cycle I think I'll ease into this week and backload the end with a lot of miles. Then I will have the entire week after to recover and not worry about miles and hours. Instead I can worry about cleaning up the Fuel and doing some maintainence on the road bike.

Hopefully the weather will improve by later in the week. It's still cold and wet here on the trails. I doubt I'll be able to get on my good mountain bike loop until the end of the week at the earliest. Today I'm going to ride Big Dry Creek more at lunch and after work. My coworker is going to bring his bike tomorow so I'll be back on the road bike again.

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