Saturday, March 25

Is your mama a llama?

Today was an absolutely gorgeous Colorado spring day. Light wind, mid 60s and sunny. Since it's a rest week I slept in until almost 10am and then did a lot of random chores. As such, this blog will have a lot of random topics in it. Now that you're prepared, lets begin.

Step one after getting up and eating breakfast was finishing assembly of the time trial bike to get it rideable. I will be swapping my daily wheels on it and taking it for a spin tomorrow but here she is in yellow glory.
Turbo says, "I'm aero!"
It was so nice outside, I decided to stop taking pictures in the house and moved to the front yard.
After I was done messing around taking pictures of the bike, we decided to wash the car. We want to sell the Civic in order to get an Element so after it was cleaned up we took a bunch of pictures.It's a 2003 Honda Civic Sedan LX 5 speed manual transmission, 32k miles, fresh Mobil 1 oil changes and almost brand new all season tires. If you know anyone who would be interested please send them our way. It will be going on craigslist tomorrow.
Once we finished washing the Civic it was nice and hot out. Marni and I got our cycling duds on and went out for a ride. I took the Monocog and she took her hand me down, too big Cannondale. We went out to the Big Dry Creek trail via Standley Lake. It was really nice out and we were all smiles.
The trail winds over dirt, gravel and concrete through the city and past a few remaining farm areas. We waved "Hi" to the llamas.
We rode for about 2 hours and it was great. My legs feel awesome and I'm totally ready for hard training to begin again next week. Tomorrow I think I'll take a nice easy spin around the lake on the time trial bike and then Monday after work I've got hill repeats schedule on the Wall!

Tonight we're going to have some dinner and watch a movie, Madagascar. If you have ever been to Noodles and Company and want to go again for free, join their Noodlegram promotion and let them spam your (junk) email address for free noodles. Marni and I signed up and are going tonight, plus Marni got another free coupon as well since her birthday is March 28th.

Seriously if you want to laugh, read this MTBR post. I promise it is worth the click through. Why I could not ride my 29er today

Finally we'll end today's randomness with more of the same. Pictured below is the delicious cookies Marni bought that I've been stuffing myself with all day. Also I got some Chamois BUTT'r when I picked up the remaining parts for the time trial bike. Amazingly I've never used any of this stuff so I think it's high time I start.


Adam Lisonbee said...

I use the same brand of butt'r. Apply it liberally. It works quite well, and when I don't use it I find myself ......uh....craving it a couple hours into a ride.

OK maybe craving is the wrong word. :D

MrsPivvay said...

Haha, butt'r :) Thanks for riding with me and teaching me how to eat while riding. You're so smart :) We should really get a llama or two...

Cellarrat said...

Instead of shit hitting the fan.. umm nevermind.

Craving... dont get it and the cookie mixed up =)

Todd Plesko said...
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Todd Plesko said...

Wow that yellow cannodale tri bike looks great. I think I should repaint my Raleigh that color.

Well for the news. Nick and I went to the Glen Carbon trail. I ran for about four miles and walked about 2.5 miles swigging a power aid to avoid bottoming out of blood sugar. Nick talked me along the whole way. As a reward for his time and efforts, we both went to Bobby's for ice cream sundays. MMM MMM good.

Then home to spread grass seed. Then Nick finished his class projects. One was a wonderful marshmallow igloo and other projects to get 65 points for an "A" in social science.

We ate tortillas filled with steak & refried beans plus a great salad with tomatos, oranges, raisons, and spinach. I need some juice to finish it off.

Well need to change my set. Too many things to do.

Look forward for tomorrow's blog message.