Friday, March 31

Back in action

Today was a good day. Work went smooth in the morning and about noon the Roto-Rooter guy came up to fix our problem. After initally thinking he would have to come back Monday, I let him cut out the drywall to access the drain plug better, which Marni's dad and I had already planned on doing. He had to break out the drain plug and replace it ($4) and then run the thing through twice but in the end he got it fixed and for only $178! After being prepared for the worst we ended up really excited. He was able to fix the blockage and there were little to no roots in our line! The other blockage (thanks a lot previous people who lived here) was removed and now we can use our shower, washing machine and dishwasher again! Currently the hot water heater is heating back up since it got accidently turned to "vacation" and I'm going to take a nice relaxing hot shower and not have to hurry. I'm so thrilled to have survived this home problem only out a couple hundred dollars and with good news about the condition of our sewer line as well.

Roto Rooter finished up around 2:30 and I called my boss to let him know I was on my way back. He said not to worry about coming back and enjoy the rest of the afternoon off. I took a quick nap with Marni before she had to go to work at Sylvan and then headed out on a ride. I rode the Monocog from my house to Chataqua park in Boulder, previewing the route I am planning to take on Sunday for Super Walker #2 of the year. I did 36 miles of the 60 mile route and felt amazing. I was averaging over 13.5 mph on the singlespeed with 36x20 gearing and climbed up all the hills only having to stand a little. The ride on Sunday will be a lot more difficult considering I did the "easy" 36 miles of the ride but I'm really excited. If I can finish this ride in good shape then I'm definitely ready to tackle White Rim in one day again on the singlespeed. I'm planning on returning to Moab for the journey at the end of April with a couple friends.

Tomorrow Doug, Erik, Michelle and I are going on a nice road ride. I'm heading out early sans car to Doug's house and will be trying out some Ensure Plus for fuel. It's pretty much just like Ensure so I'm hoping my body will react well to the extra 100 calories it provides. From Doug's house we're going to ride out to Carter Lake at an easy pace and enjoy a nice morning in the saddle on some rural roads. The ride should really spin my legs out and have me ready to tackle over 5000ft of climbing on the singlespeed Sunday. That's all for now, I'll bring the camera tomorrow to get some pictures of the ride.

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Marni said...

YAY!!!! That big yellow smiley looks a lot like you did when they passed along the bill that didn't require a loan to pay for :) :) :)