Tuesday, March 7

Resisting the winds of change

Sometimes we can resist the winds of change, other times they blow too strong. As you can see above, my lunch ride today was rather windy although still a far cry easier than the 50mph gusts that almost blew me off my bike a week ago. The wind is bringing back some cold weather, reminding those of us in Colorado that 60 and 70 degree temperatures in the early spring are not supposed to be the norm. If we're lucky they will bring along some serious moisture as well. Apparently we've had less than 0.15" of rain in the last 6 weeks. Mountain bike trails around here are dry and rideable which is great, until you remember that they will be closed due to forest fires all summer if we don't get any rain or snow. Sure the mountains have been getting plenty of snow this season but the foothills are dry and fires are already popping up.

I suppose I'll look towards putting the tights and jacket back on as a good thing if it brings some moisture. Perhaps it will also help temper my growing itch to ride faster. According to the good computers at Wells Fargo, the American Cycling Association cashed my check for entry into the Cherry Creek Time Trials. This means 7 weeks of a 10.5 mile time trial every Wednesday night starting mid-April. Now I'm a strong time trialist due to my trigeek background and have put in a huge (for me) amount of base miles this winter, so naturally I'm looking forward to this. My competitive streak starts talking to me.

"Go do some intervals and time trial practice" it says. "It will be good for you. You will go faster on April 12th. You know you already scouted the perfect road for it right by your house."

However my brain tries to resist and luckily he has help from my good friend Scott.

"You know Mr.Competitive is going to make you slower in the long run. He doesn't think about all the races you plan to do this summer. Don't you want to win some races at Winter Park and move up to expert? Don't start your speed work too early."

So my competitive side is kept in check for a few more weeks. I may still jump in the Stazio crit this Sunday while Marni is at a bridal shower but no hill repeats or time trial intervals yet. I'll reconsider them after this cycle is over. Who knows, maybe by then the 70 degree weather will return and join Daylight Savings Time in more after work riding time glory! Now where is my debit card, the time trial machine does need a few parts...

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