Tuesday, March 14

The dirty side of training

Today was a busy day once I got home from work. I had to stay a little late but I was still home by 5pm and Marni was home too for once. Yay! My ride at lunch was fine but I was flat as a pancake. I decided to get some much neglected maintaince done and then spin on the trainer later.

So first I washed the Fuel and relubed it. Now it's nice and clean. There's a squeek in the bottom bracket area now but I'm going to let the bike finish drying out. If it's still there then it's time to install the Hone crankset anyway. I also measured the chain and it's still doing fine. Thank god. Maintaining three bikes that are all being ridden a lot is getting expensive!

After I finished the Fuel, I tackled my orange bike. It's been a trooper this winter with too many miles and not enough drivetrain cleaning. The chain was WAY beyond streched so I hope I didn't smoke the drivetrain as well. I guess we'll know tomorrow on my ride at lunch or on the trainer tonight. Here is the old chain, eeeeww!
After I removed the nasty old chain, I measured out the new PC-951 I picked up for $20 at my local Performance plus a spare Shimano chain pin for another bike. The new chain is now installed with the PowerLink so hopefully I can pull it off more often and keep this one cleaner.
The final task for tonight is to get the broken stem bolt out of the time trial machine and start putting it back together. I'm finally on the Cherry Creek time trial start list at 7:15:40 pm. It's a little later than I would like but I'll live. At least I'll have time to get fueled and warmed up properly after work. We'll see if this pile of bits can chase down the 8:40 gap to Erik, 9:00 gap to Michelle and whopping 30:20 gap to Scott. I'm guessing I won't catch anyone but it will be really motivating to see them out on course all along the way.

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