Monday, April 23


Marni got sick yesterday while on our fun Lair O' the Bear ride and I came down with what seemed to be a migrane in the car. Needless to say the rest of yesterday was spent lying in the dark suffering for both of us. Marni is still at home today while I'm here at work since I'm the only person in the lab that didn't quit or take vacation today. My migrane is gone but I'm still feeling like I got hit by a bus and pretty weak since I didn't eat anything yesterday after breakfast. Hopefully Marni will start feeling better soon. I'm going home to check on her when I have to leave to pickup a cartridge for my 3D printer here at work. At least wanting to poke my left eye out and die yesterday kept my mind off TransIowa...


Marni said...

Poor Christopher!! I'm glad you got your annual migrane over before Iowa. That would've really sucked. I love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your migraine. I know how badly they hurt! Hang in there. Tell Marni I am sorry that she is not feeling well either. Get some rest and feel better you guys.
I love you,

Paul said...


I think we are all feeling under the weather this week. I am in more pain tonight than I have been for years and there is no reason at all for it. I swear our bodies can tell something is up and they are trying to shut us down!

I look forward to meeting you! Have a safe drive to Iowa!