Wednesday, April 11

Gay Pride Ride

A bunch of the bike clothes were dirty and the weather is in flux so that left me with a rather random assortment of riding apparel for my lunch ride today. It was a good ride on the singlespeed to get my mind and legs ready for tonight's effort but I felt a little strange representing pretty much every color of the rainbow in my ensemble. I mean it's always a little weird riding around in brightly colored lycra but today was special. :) Anyway the wind is still threatening but it's not going to be *too* bad I hope. Starting tomorrow night though the weather is going to get nasty (up to 12" snow!) so I'll take 50 deg if that's what we've got.Well work's almost over and then we're off to time trial number one. Full report tonight or tomorrow morning.


Cellarrat said...

Wow you stylish man!

sorry couldn't make it out there to watch you guys!

Marni said...

Oooh baby! Lookin good!