Friday, April 6


The Roubaix is postponed due to the weather until next Saturday which will probably now clash and lose out to my last big TransIowa training ride. Oh well. I thought things called the Roubaix were for the hard men of road cycling who ride in shit weather over dirt and cobbles and laugh while fueling only off the mudspray from the tires and the bones of the losers...okay maybe I went a little far with the last part. I did have my outfit all picked out, jacket, latex gloves and everything plus I was telling myself to be patient for once and go for the win instead of just having fun attacking the field repeatedly. No upgrade points for the thought of racing though or for attacking until you blow.

Either way it's lame to postpone a "classic" style race due to weather but Marni will now be happy to sleep in and not have to handup bottles standing in the feedzone in the freezing rain for 5 laps. My jacket did quite resemble a popsicle this morning before I dried it out in our 100 deg F temperature chamber.

In other lame news, we got to leave work early by an hour since it's Easter this weekend but someone is still here helping the process guys finish up. Man that guy is lame. At least he's updating his blog.

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Geoff said...

I guess most people prefer gentle weather conditions, but being someone who also enjoys being out in nasty weather conditions, I just don't understand why people allow the weather to so often effect their activities.