Saturday, April 14

One more day

Okay this will be a quick and dirty abreviated version of today. Thanks to Bill for the picture! More pictures from Marni's camera tomorrow and maybe Erik's too. And if you think the following is crazy, you should checkout Mr.Nice's blog when he gets home. He was well on his way to a double century on his 'sheep when we parted ways in Longmont.

I started out just after 6am and rode up to Boulder for the Boulder Roubaix road race. The race went okay. I had no fast legs and I made a stupid mistake early, got caught behind an almost(?) crash and had to slow a lot and run the base of a hill. The pack which I was (stupidly) at the back of took off and I got gapped. I chased as hard as I could but without an ubertopend today I couldn't catch. Eventually I sat up in no man's land until a small group caught me which contained my team mate Brad. After another 3/4 of a lap I got the chase group to organize into a decent paceline and we made good time from there. The final sprint was so-so. I tried to jump early but spun in the dirt and screwed myself. Stuck on the front I lead the group out and got 3rd out of our little pack. So so result but a great workout nonetheless. A 75% dirt road race at 22+ mph. After the ride Marni took all my stuff (she also gave me awesome handups and brought clothes to change into at the start line since it was 25deg when I left at sunrise) and I headed off with Erik, Dave and Michelle. We rode to Carter Lake and then back to Erik and Michelle's house in Longmont. From there I split off and headed home while Dave headed to find food in town. Just into Hygene I met another Feedback team member from the 4's (Andy) and we rode togther. Another 30 something miles later I climbed the Wall and cruised the last 6 miles in 20 minutes to get home.

Totals for the day:
152 miles
6800+ vertical feet
1 43 mile Cat 4 road race
Top Speed 52.8mph (Erik and Michelle were smoking me down the hill too)
Average speed 15.7mph

Yep. Just one more training day tomorrow on the Monocog and it's TransIowa taper time. Nice to see Mike out at the race today too! Hope it went well for ya. Well it's time for a movie up in bed, goodnight everyone.


Marni said...

Great day babe! I'm very proud of you! And I wonder why you are a solid 10 minutes fast than me at Cherry Creek. Hmmm... ;)

Cellarrat said...

Thanks for slowing the pace for me a bit...

Can't wait for TI