Friday, April 13

The final push

Well the weeks are flying by and Monday starts my taper for Trans Iowa V3. That leaves just one more weekend of dedication and hard work to go. Luckily I think all that snow is just going to be flurries and the weekend will be reasonable, maybe even up to 60. Tonight I'll be heading out after work to drop off my entry for the Roubaix and put another few hours in on the road bike before I meet Marni for dinner at Murphy's. Tomorrow morning it's up early to ride to Boulder and race the Boulder Roubaix at 8:30am with the Cat 4 men. Big thanks to Marni for coming out to watch and help me with handups if needed. Sounds like Joel is also going to be out there shooting some pictures of the race and some of the boys might show up for our ride early to watch. After the race I'll be heading out to continue my ride with Erik, Bill and Dave out to Carter Lake before riding home eventually. Saturday night I'll recover and get some sleep. Early Sunday I'll be up and riding for a bit before meeting up with the boys again for more riding. Sunday I'll be on the Monocog perfecting my TI setup and I'll put in another 150 miles if I'm lucky. Making it home for Sunday dinner will be oh so sweet and I'll be more than ready for taper time. There you have it. The weekend goal in writing. Time to execute.

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