Wednesday, April 18


We're in the final 10 days now and TransIowa is haunting my thoughts and dreams. Everything is prepared physically which leaves me the bike, gear, food and weather to stress over. Actually almost everything else really is set, just pending the final weather report. There are only a few things to buy, arrange and triple check before I leave 8 days from now. My strategy is to finish and after that I'm holding the rest of the plan close to my chest.

Throughout all this I still have to keep one eye towards my Grand Loop planning. Things have arrived and more things have been ordered and delivery dates will now be worried over. Even KTR is an afterthought at the moment, although my post TI downtime will certainly bring it to the forefront of my mind.

Tonight however is the second race of the CCTT series and Marni is going to do great with her new aerobars. Me? Well we'll see. I made some small but important tweeks yesterday to my position and I felt okay at 34(!) mph while trying them out. After the race we'll head over to Dave's party for a bit. Tomorrow is the primere of 24 Solo here in Boulder and it sounds like some of the gang will be joining us there as well. Maybe all that stuff can keep my mind from being totally consumed... Paul, your countdown will soon be up!


Cellarrat said...

Veia La gravel!

gjc said...

My guess is that Trans Iowa is going to be a whole lotta fun, for you. You sound like you are more than ready. Tear it up, Chris.