Wednesday, April 25

CCTT #3 Report

See I cheated tonight and started this post before the races began in hopes of getting it done quickly when I got home and catching some Zzzzzzzzzz's. Well I didn't get it done quickly but I did get started. Enjoy the pictures until I post the final times. Times posted!Welcome to the water park. All that rain we've been getting here has done a number on the local waterways.Well Cherry Creek Reservior is no exception and we arrived to the races today to find a shortened course and quite the small river crossing to get to the starting line! Luckily most of the gang arrived in time to find out the change in course except for poor Bill.
The girls of course wanted to get a closer look at all that water so they almost decided to take a dip in the drink!
Mike has to show them the proper way to ride without getting wet.
Yea 15 minutes of racing is what it's all about. Go hard 'til you can't see straight and want to puke. In the end the course was only about 10k of eye blurring suffering. I didn't take my warm up too seriously and wasn't quite ready to go 31mph out of the gate but I did my best to have fun anyway. I'll take 12th on the short course with pulling my left pedal at the start any day.

The real story is Marni kicking some butt and keeping Michelle in sight and finishing 15th in the girl's cat 4's. Way to go babe!

Full Crew Results Race #3 (Provisional)
Scott De Leeuw - 18:31.07 - 20.3 mph - 57th of 66 - Sr 4 Men 35+
Dinh Le - DNS
Bill Henderson - 17:20.00 - 21.6 mph - 22nd of 23 - Sr Men 35+
Mike Brevoort - 16:56.60 - 22.1 mph - 40th of 49 - Sr 4 Men
Erik Arentzen - 17:07.86 - 21.9 mph - 42nd of 49 - Sr 4 Men
Chris Plesko - 15:16.28 - 24.6 mph - 12th of 49 - Sr 4 Men
Marni Plesko - 19:48.81 - 18.9 mph - 15th of 24 - Sr 4 Women
Melissa Clark - 21:28.73 - 17.5 mph - 21st of 24 - Sr 4 Women
Jeanie Brevoort - 21:00.20 - 17.9 mph - 18th of 24 - Sr 4 Women
Michelle Arentzen - 18:31.47 - 20.2 mph - 11th of 24- Sr 4 Women

After the races we got some tasty Jimmy John's sandwiches and sweet free loaves of bread. Score! On the way home I dropped my singlespeed off with Mr.Nice at the distillery so that he and Mike could begin the journey tomorrow to Iowa bright and early. I will be going to work and leaving around 3:30pm to catch my flight to Minnesota. Friday morning I'll grab a rental car and drive to Decorah and meet up with Dave, Mike and the rest of the TransIowa entrants. I'll get my short ride in, have dinner at Mabe's, sit nervously through GTed's pre-race meeting and then try to sleep. It's getting close now. Good night!


Marni said...

Great ride last night -- that water was so fun to ride through (minus the whole crashing into each other part). Good luck this weekend! I wish I could be there but instead I'll be work work working all night long...

Scott DL said...

Good luck in Iowa! I still wish we would have done the full TT going through the water Winter Park style!

Simmons said...

Good Luck Chris! Hopefully there won't be any standing water on the roads in Iowa.

gjc said...

see you friday night. i'm sure you are going to stomp all over this course.