Sunday, April 15


Well there is no more big work to be done. Today I went out for another big ride on the Monocog. Huge thanks to Erik for coming along. I'm not sure that I would have left the couch (or bed) this morning without someone else holding me to my word about riding.
Here's a few more pictures from yesterday's race, this time from Marni's camera.
Today was good. Beautiful weather, good company and a weird assortment of food. Mini Snickers, Ensure Plus, blue Gatorade, jerky and some cliffblocks powered me for 79 miles and 3200 vertical feet. I could have made the century mark again for sure but it was getting to be evening already since we slept in today and I didn't want to be cooking dinner at 8pm so I bagged it a bit early.

Total for the 3 day binge:
286 total miles
152 miles on the road bike
134 miles on the singlespeed MTB
~14,000 vertical feet
~15.5 mph average

The best part? I never felt cooked or had any injury symptoms. My muscles easily kept doing whatever my head would tell them and my knees and joints never complained. Hopefully that continues into the future.

Time for sleep...


Marni said...

Good job Christopher! You did such a great job with a big weekend. Maybe the lack-of-injuries and lack-o-sore legs can be partially contributed to your personal massage therapist :) You should tip her well. She must be good.

Cellarrat said...

Yes tip her very well! made her carry that heavy bag all over the place!

Good stuff this weekend!

Dave Byers said...

Chris, from one married guy to another, jewelry and dark chocolate make great tips! Great job on the big weekend, you are an animal.

Endurosnob said...

You, sir, are going to rip Iowa apart.