Saturday, April 21

Shopped out

Awe crap, the first rendition of this crapped out so I guess this will be shorter. Today was mostly sleeping and shopping. Marni and I hit up Target, 4 different bike shops and plenty of eating establishments throughout the day. Among the purchased items were some Co2, tubes (the horror), a new chain, new cap, new gloves (scary as my favorite kind are no longer made), food, Endurolytes (damn those are expen$ive!), a trick new taillight and a few other random purchases. We also hit up the GoLite sale to scour the bins for any bargins. Marni and I found a couple hoodies plus a couple other decent deals among the picked over piles. The most relevant purchase? A pair of WP/B Reed pants that I already took scissors to in order to make knickers. They might be coming to TI depending on the forecast. Don't be afraid of women's clothing and gear modification to get things as light and perfect as possible.

Tomorrow is Lair of the Bear with some of the crew. Can't wait! Then I'll have to finalize the rest of the bike details (new pads, straighter rotor, chain, computer etc). Time for more sleep.

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Marni said...

Another weekend to support the american economy :)