Tuesday, April 10

Plesko Racing

Not too long a post here, we've got to get to bed. Tomorrow is the start of the Karen Hornbostel Memorial Time Trial Series aka CCTT. I raced last year and did okay but this year Marni is joining me for the entire series. She did her first bike race last year, a mountain bike hill climb, and did really great. I think she's going to really enjoy the time trial series and also getting to watch her own progression over the 7 weeks. She starts 20 seconds behind me so I'm really excited to see her before the start and cheer her on across the finish line. Two people racing in the same family does mean hauling a lot more gear (clothes, bottles, bikes, trainers, pump, etc) so I'm glad we've got the Element this year.

As for me, I'm just hoping to ride myself into some speed over the series and if I'm lucky I'll beat my personal record time from last year. No equipment or position changes for race number one so we'll just get a good indication of my power output over 10.5 miles compared to last year. They're calling for windy conditions tomorrow with it tapering in the afternoon. With any luck we'll face just light winds by our 6:27 start time.

We've got a great little gang racing this year. In order of start times separated by 20 seconds: Scott, Dinh, Bill, Mike, Erik, Me, Marni, Melissa, Jeanie and Michelle. I'm looking to catch all those boys ahead of me, we'll see how that plays out. Goodnight!


Cellarrat said...

Smoke it Chris!

go really fast =)

mtbing in the springs in the am i'll try and make it out there

bill said...

Oh ya, i think you will catch all the boys in front of ya. I think just for one race it might be worth it to hide in the trees just to make you wonder.

Marni said...

Maybe I'll be cheering YOU across the finish line. Listen for the motor sounds as I pass you though! You'll do great, I'm excited to watch you disappear quickly from my view.

Dave Byers said...

Wow, deep dish wheels and TT bars...this is serious. :) That sounds like a fun series.

Chris said...

The bike, wheels, bars etc are all about 7-8 years old :) They're from when I was just starting out as a TriGeek back in the day. I'm hoping to get a new TT bike, disk rear wheel and aero helmet someday but so far I can't bring myself to $pend the money. We'll see how this year goes. I've had some speed in the past although I'm a little nervous about this year. My personal record speed is just a touch over 25.5mph average.

Simmons said...

You should definitely ride the TT bike at Trans-Iowa :)