Friday, April 20

First Date

Last night Marni and I joined the gang again for the premier of 24 Solo. It was put on by the new Devo junior cycling team in Boulder and lots of people were in attendance. Joel and his wife Jill were also there and we got to chat a bit before and after the show.

The movie was great. We had just watched Off Road to Athens, also produced by Gripped Films and this one was just as good if not better. They did an amazing job with the camera work considering this was an actual race they were filming for much of the movie and not some actor who could stop for 50 takes. Even though I already knew the outcome (and I won't spoil it for those of you who don't), I was pretty nervous watching and I think so was Marni. The movie hit close to home for those who really know what racing this stuff solo is like and their crew who support them. Marni said my hands haven't been that clammy since our first date! She also said it glorified the crew's job a bit more than in reality which is probably true. I still owe a huge thanks to all those who have crewed for me in the past and who I'll rope into the job in the future. Right guys? :)

In the end the movie got me realy excited and also a bit nervous for TransIowa and the rest of the season. I'm really prepared physically so now I just have to focus on keeping my head in the game and execute my plan, with allowances for things going wrong. If you are at all interested in endurance races but especially if you're family and crew of a 24 solo racer, definitely find a showing of this movie or order the DVD. You'll be glad you did.

Last but certainly not least, congrats to my little bro Nick on his 13th birthday! Yesterday he entered the world of being a teenager and I wish I could have been there to celebrate with him. Hope to see you soon Nick! Now go ride with Dad on his new SS 29er...


Marni said...

A VERY good movie for sure. You could do better than him though :) I'll work on making our pit a "Formula 1 pit" :)

Jill said...

Maybe you could tell me the end. I saw it last night at a little movie pub and the DVD crapped out right as that Australian guy was trying to make a decision about whether to finish the lap or not. I probably won't have another chance to see it again. Bummer.

I did enjoy the camerawork of the film; some of those angles were amazing. But I thought the storyline and the interviews were a little flat. Maybe I would feel differently if I had seen the end. They already had a very compelling story on their hands, but I think they tried the overhype the less compelling parts (like you said, the pit crew) and underhype the really exciting parts, like night riding. Chris himself also was a little underdeveloped for being the only focus of the film - you don't even meet his wife until the movie's half over. That's just my viewpoint as an underpaid film critic, though :-). In capturing the experience of a 24-hour race, they did a good job.